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J ug

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  1. very good night of pking well played boys
  2. welcome bro
  3. nice loot brotha
  4. was a good night even though there wasn't many of us still fun
  5. good idea but effort to do that shit lmao
  6. welcome whats ur IG
  7. nice vids as always mert
  8. shitttttttttttt dropping kids for fun these days!!!!
  9. welcome kiddaaaaaaa
  10. the rng gods have blessed you
  11. cheers fellas!<3
  12. finally void just 400 more pts for both helms
  13. so for people like me i'm never sure what gear i should bring for raiding so thought i would make a topic to people who do raid to just post a pic of there gear set up and why? just give people a feel of what to bring