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  1. Just enjoying PVM....

  2. Elder maul pk/ morning pk feast

    Was funn ayy gz ac
  3. kid thought he was safe from the squad in singles lmfao ac hashwun singles team in multi gear. foe mains scared of my flames of zammy, forced into single to box his mate 14 kc :0 p.s add your screenies if u were there boys and btw flames of zammy tber op if you know you know
  4. Ely stake from earlier

  5. Ac Clears Explicit +Randoms

  6. Ac Clears Cl + Randoms

    Ayy nice boyz
  7. SKULL TRICK 50S Squad

  8. Ps dunno why same screeny twice lol
  9. so im just chilling mage bank/web on my own in rag brid, i see from a distance a pvmer randomly start specing some 0 item kids, so i jumped straight on that shit and killed him for his defender/graceful and 7m l0000l gz GMT gz JH gz Ac ps AC WINS AGAIN
  10. Xjh intro

    Yeah bud havent been on my pc so didnt get a chance to idle in ts

    Nice bro
  12. Xjh intro

    theres my propper account