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75 Def Tank

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  1. Night out Ft ruin,Explict

    ayyyyy good fun boys
  2. DMM Ryu Intro

    welcome bro, we have alot of fun 07 pking get amoungst it, grind up
  3. Au Blakey Intro to CC

    75 atk 99 def/hp/str/range/mage 77 pray 115 combat pro af. Niiiiice donation legend. wish i did that instead of attack when i was 75 atk and def try and barrage/burst your defence through slayer will get in no time. or barrage it in mm2 caves. but might swell get with slay probs almost as fast when you barraging high 40's
  4. Deadman kill Picture Master Thread - Runescape

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaawww bois sdmm going hard
  5. Priime INTROO :)

    look at this legend on that there donations already
  6. Bennjii INTRO

    welcome to the clan bro, should get on the grind to fk some nubs up on osrs trips, would love to see ya there
  7. WildWest's Intro

    welcome back bruv
  8. AC Lunar Intro

    welcome bro, get on the grind and let's see you on osrs trips stay more active on forums then i do
  9. ANonyouse's intro

    welcome bro, hope to see you gear up outside of dmm
  10. Priime INTROO :)

    welcome bro, confirmed boss dawg, killer pure but nicee to see you back on the main. dope including returns - paint up a few green jogre kites when ya can, niiice donation, legend m888 getting on it. Aussie Squaaaad
  11. Au Blakey Intro to CC

    welcome bro, confirmed legend, 5am black up squad just got 2 members larger
  12. 75 Def Tank INTROOO

    not sure if still intro? but for the record ;D i've lost alot of sets lately, been doing the dboots/bgloves ags tings. 4x zgs are in main tab with my gs set cause like to see that pixely shit when open bank
  13. AC's Day Trip Ft. Ruin/Vitality

    great fight boys, awesome returns, pile focuses, and was a nice thorough clear before they brought/ invited other team's pkers. Nevertheless with a third /half of the people they had; the fight was ours for 80% of the time due to how quickly we returned.
  14. Night out

    yess bois
  15. Midnight trip

    good fun cleareeeed #AC