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  1. Ac runs the wild Ft randoms

    yes the boys
  2. INTRO

    Welcome brother
  3. Day Out

  4. Ac vs Vendetta

    easy loots.
  5. Small trip out

    Yes the boys
  6. Colton's Intro

    Welcome fam
  7. Late Night Vs CL

    Nice work!
  8. Ac night out

    Good job lads
  9. Evo & PD Cleared

    Good work!
  10. Ac Night out Ft Pd

    Good job
  11. LOL bet war thug was giving it big licks too before the fight
  12. New Clan appearence?

  13. New Clan appearence?

    Just a little suggestion i thought of to make us look more organised as a clan. This will or should stop our own members from attacking each other all the time like i seem to do a lot of :Z.. I was thinking of Pink hair and purple clothing, the skin colour wouldn't really matter The clan shield is currently Jogre which the insides of change to the exact same colour as your ingame hair, have a little play around with it and see what we think? this is what i come up with, This might of already been talked about but i'm bringing it up again as i said it would make us look more organised as a whole.