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  1. sorry mattyoung

    wasnt dms so teles don't count OmegaLUL
  2. sorry mattyoung

    Matt asked me for a fight and sadly regretted it. (1.1m loot+rune pouch) Rip
  3. Ac Night out FT Vr-Randoms

    good job
  4. 1 hour revs

    holy shit dude
  5. Clearing demons 12/1/17

    good job
  6. Lanthas first ever 99

    at least spell his name right
  7. DMM Tourney Money Making?

    Alex depends on if you wanna be focused or just chill. Nats is really chill and quite good money, drags is probs a bit better but you'll die alot
  8. Sick ass capes

    Ok ?
  9. loved deadman

  10. shit that's goals
  11. The christmas season has come to AC

    this is so cool
  12. You know i tb'ed for that smite right? where's tbers split?
  13. loved deadman

    D M M <3