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  1. Almost maxed, get on that NMZ grind brother! Welcome to the forums
  2. Nice stats dude
  3. Lol i remember when we crashed a pure war at newgate up at Glory hill. It's always a highlight of a trip.
  4. I've also got two in
  5. Yeah why not
  6. Interesting choice of font. L
  7. SHAQTINAFOOL DIDNT MAKE IT L00000000000L Dude, literally all he had to get was 2 levels! He's 1 farming, just rake a fucking patch mate!!!!!! RIP
  8. Where are are you cunts gonna get #Centrelink from. Lmao that's actually a golden team name. Well done
  9. Season ending with Jagex's weekly scheduled updates on Thursday. 20 hours to go till the season ends, keep refreshing hiscores and make sure you've got that total level. Don't fuck things up, qualify for tourny
  10. LOOOOOOOL is this an Aussie team?
  11. Nice stats
  12. Wait, why did they ban you? I don't get it
  13. Just looked up your stats, sick account
  14. 30K

    Apparently they're only accepting like 16 clans into the 5v5 and 8 clans into the 20v20, and the 1v1's... well you've gotta be known on social media