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  1. LOOOOOOOL, sick cunts! Yo, i'm starting seasonals ~tomorrow. I can get 70 range in a day, looks hype af. It's still only 1m exp cap right now, so we should be good!
  2. Hey lads im back

    Where have i seen your name before
  3. Feel like quitting

    It's fine man, i'm over it. I'll go hard in seasonal instead thanks
  4. Feel like quitting

    I'm depressed af dude... I was running late and didnt make the initial launch of DMM Tourny, so i told my brother to sell my account. Which left us with 1 account to share between us, so i trained agility only to find that the pyramid was camped as fuck so i wasted like 40 hours training useless shit and trying to run pyramid on my only account. Then i figured i'd try fishing, but shark prices crashed because of those cunts doing minnows. Im salty, it's been a shit tourny for me, legit. Made so many wrong decisions this time around, a chain of shit after shit. I think next time i'll just stick to training range and low lvl pking, fuck money making/swapping to 07. Feels bad to fail hard so early on in the tourny, it's really demotivating
  5. Intro Just delete

  6. Probably tempted, but don't do it. Don't stake your rng away to some gambling addict
  7. Intro Il Bicho

    Stats need a little work, welcome to forums
  8. Kopi Intro

  9. These are crazy updates, fuck yeah boys! Also, i really don't think ROT will camp wilderness bosses because killing Mole is 100% brew drop, whereas wildy bosses are only a chance drop. They're adding it to the table, they could go dry for many kills. Mole is still the best option. So, big clans would rather dominate mole and not wildy. Also, if you're not in a big clan, and are/were a smart solo player who wants brews, you should run bots that chop oak logs. Oak Trees have a very good chance of dropping bird's nests. That's how i always do it, and i get 100 birds nests by day 3
  10. tourny account for Rent

    20m is the average price of Tourny accounts, 15m is a clan member discount.
  11. Night out Ft pd+jaja+sv/Randoms

    Jaja scum, idk how the fuck Torvesta invited them into his Wildy Wars thing
  12. Introduce a section on the frontpage of forums where we can write status updates. Sometimes people would like to say something but they may feel it's not important enough to create a whole new topic about it. I'm not too familiar with how websites work, but could you add something like that? A section where we can write 2 sentence status updates of what's up.