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  1. Yeah I only played to swap but ended out geting ddosed yesterday and then caused drama and got DQed
  2. Weary

    Runescape mobile?

    Thats will be lit
  3. Thanks everyone <3
  4. Hey AC forum! My name is Julle aka WearyRS new name (Sizter) which im called on runescape, I started playing runescape when I was around 8 years old when I started playing, I always loved the fact of pking and hardcore traning. Overall im a really activate playing dmm overall. Right now im 16 years old from sweden, I put in around 5-8 hours a day playing dmm and normal osrs, right now im only playing dmm because I took a little brake from playing osrs because I had nothing to do. Im pretty decent at pking, I was alot better back in the days when I pked all the time, before i took a brake on 2-4 years. Around a few months ago I got into playing osrs & dmm again after my brake with my school etc. I would like to join AC because im a really active player on runescape and dmm, im a pretty decent at hybrid so I kind of know what im doing when im pking It would be a pleasure meeting everyone of you xoxo Julle Have A Great Summer