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  1. Not going to lie, I think I was there for this shit!
  2. If only he worked that hard on his account!
  3. Nice how long did it take you? kappa
  4. Yeah man ima record most of the pk trips from now on, some of the shit that happens and our reactions is dope af lol
  5. Don't hate cba editing, I'm not that good lol sorry for item overlay didn't even notice it was on
  6. yeah man was hella fun we found some really random pkers lmao
  7. Welcome bucket rip pure xD
  8. at first all I seen was mini dhs but gratz on dpic
  9. Why is this topic being brought back up? was from may..
  10. Welcome man, stay active on ts and get some combat levels
  11. lmao nice shit
  12. Awesome shit man welcome 2 the club
  13. Well I didn't choose 2 sell them I left them in there at 50kea which is 5kea over the normal price at the time lol