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  1. Ac Night out ft RANDOS

    nice loots boyz
  2. Ac Night out ft RANDOS

    very nice boyz!
  3. Ac Day out

    was succesfull(Y)
  4. Ac Gmt trip Ft Vitality-Vendetta-Randoms

    very nice! disappointed i couldn't make it, busy days atm with work..
  5. AC's Day out clearing VNG twice

  6. Clearing VR ft randoms

    good work (Y)
  7. lured a Fl in Multi

    v nice!
  8. Small trip out

    fr33 l000t
  9. Early pk trip

    very nice loots!
  10. AC's GMT Out Ft. REV/DI

    Whoop whoop(H)
  11. Ac Sunday Day out

    Was fun! Practice is good and like to do it.
  12. Ac runs the wild Ft randoms

    Good job=D
  13. Night out

    nice loots
  14. AC's GMT Out Ft. REV/DI

  15. AC's Day Out Clearing Vendetta

    Was a nice trip, got jaja to quit was a good part l0l. Had a pretty nice kill last moment of the fight with vendetta.