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  1. Owning the wilderness

    was one hell of a trip (Y)
  2. Ac Day out FT Unk,Randoms

    Very nice! Shame i couldn't be with u guys
  3. Ac Day out FT Rev,PD,jaja,Randoms

    Was great pk evening!
  4. Ac's Day out on 07

    Niceee had this loot few hours be4, had some sick fights
  5. Some loots from last weeks.

    2 pics are in rag.. w18 Chaos altar.. Missed more then half of the screens, but working on it lol
  6. -.-

    Got the same probs lol
  7. gg

    Cant eat up to that lol
  8. Night out

    Keep ur smite's up whehe XD
  9. Sunday Afternoon pking

    Nice! makes it worth it (Y)
  10. Venenatis duo

  11. Thats how we handle them (Y)
  12. 99 Construction done!

    Nice grind bro! keep it up
  13. Ooh v nice! want that pup also haha