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  1. I was aiming to play with you guys this season but as of now it seems not possible... Hope it will change
  2. Liked on youtube and subbed to channel.. Great video looking forward to being part of this
  3. Hello everyone, I'd like to be referred to as headchef. For anyone interested it's not because of me being an actual chef in real life, I had to come up with an username at some point in time and it is the brand of my grinder. I live in the Netherlands and therefore my timezone is GMT +1. My current display name is ''Oostende''. It's a place in belgium but actually I got inspired by this song : Going to get 70 prayer and still have 500k uncapped xp for today. Also 99 cooking in an hour or two. I spent quite a few minutes searching the site where to apply but I figured I should introduce myself here first. I most definitely want to join. I pretty much just ''know'' Fietsenhok, ANONYMO00OUS and DylanD. Fietsenhok is the first AC guy I met somewhere in lumby. I used to play this deadman seasonal with group of random friends but they're too casual and quit after a few days. In my opinion my account is decent and I have funds to improve it so I'd like to continue to play with a more professional crowd. I then asked Fietsenhok how to get in touch and he told me about forums and teamspeak. Tried to talk to him later through PM but haven't seen him online since. Talked with ANONYMO00OUS at yaks for like an hour about joining and talked about prior tournaments and what not. So I'm new in terms of community but I have been playing RS since 2006 and I am now 20 years old. I have no clanning background, I just solo or duo NH pure pk. I'm fairly certain I can stand my ground against most people in tribrid NH singles. Nice to meet you all, I'd like to join as soon as possible so there's still something to pk on seasonals haha . Thanks for reading. Update