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    1. a) Current Display Name: di grime b) Previous Display Name(s): asseater47 assblaster47 it me grime odazzled loc0o0o0o0os l6 pray 2. What timezone are you? all timeone 3. Do you have a mic & do you use it? yse 4. The following require picture proof: 1) Stats and Combat Level 126 2) P2P PK supplies (Refer to this topic for information on the required gear) im only here for dmm my fellow friends heh 6. Do you have Augury and/or Rigour? yes 7. Which members of AC are referring you and how long have you known each for? idk i know a few leaders speedy casper brett da best g juuls 8. List ALL clans/teams you are currently in or have been a part of? sv vatos locos eop valhallah infamous 9. Tell us about yourself: i play runescape and eat phat ass lmao 10. Why do you want to join AC? for dmm