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  1. https://gyazo.com/52b57cb4b3e88e3ab69ddb3be498a502 Having some trouble joining the TS!
  2. I will definitely be creating a pure for OSRS if things go well! Any recommendations for what pure I should build for this clan (or should I max)?
  3. 1. a) Current Display Name: "Fear the Fe" (which I will be changing for the clan if accepted ) 2. What timezone are you? Eastern Time Zone (EST) 3. Do you have a mic & do you use it? Of course! I will be joining the team-speak briefly. 4. The following require picture proof: (Deadman seasonal) https://gyazo.com/8aa0c014005a234563220f90ae29785e (Wealth is not displayed, as I am currently in a training area. Roughly 50k) 6. Do you have Augury and/or Rigour? I do not, as I am just playing deadman mode 7. Which members of AC are referring you and how long have you known each for? None, I found the clan through Zybez (link here) actually! 8. List ALL clans/teams you are currently in or have been a part of? None, this is actually my first clan-related experience. I hope to contribute, be active, and wreck some kids with you guys. 9. Tell us about yourself: I am a Nursing Student (I have no life), avid steam gamer (battlegrounds, csgo, rocket league), and always enjoy deadman-mode. I always desired to be in a clan and have fun with others, but I was always scared that my pking skill would not suffice. I have improved slightly, but wish to get better and my goal is to become an active and contributing member of AC. 10. Why do you want to join AC? Mainly I want to improve my PKing, as I have never truly learned how to do so properly. Also, I am no stranger to communities, and I know that playing with others will make the experience much more enjoyable for everyone. Thank you all for your consideration, and for allowing me to apply!