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  1. Hi, got any new items from revs?
  2. Current RSN (Runescape Name) A: i Pam Past RSN's (Oldschool) - A: YouwanttheD / i Pamism / Aljulu / Khaled 8222 Your Timezone (GMT/PST/EST) - A: GMT +3 About yourself - A: Have been an RS player for several years, Are you requesting to join as a PvMer or PKer: A: Both if possible List any / all the clans and or teams you have EVER been in, and why you left / got kicked - A: Non Why do you want to join Anonymous Community - A: Active and outgoing community Picture of your Combat Level & Stats (Inc RSN) - A: Picture of your P2P PKing/PvM Requirement: A: Working on the requirements (Rebuilding) Do you know any members in Anonymous Community? If so name them - A: Old rsn- Punisher How did you find out about us ? If by recommendation state RSN - A: Friend Anything else you wanna add: