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  1. I hope you are all enjoying the holidays & having a fantastic Christmas this year <3. Let's use this topic to discuss your plans for new years! and your goals for upcoming year on both rs and real life.
  2. Saint


    I lived in PR for 10years and now I'm from New York.
  3. I'm a nurse not a doctor...
  4. maybe in the future, right now it's not possible too much going on.
  5. That's all I get, wtf. Where's the love boy?
  6. Saint


    Panic, I was born in Puerto Rico so when I go on vacation i visit my family but I usually go to ponce, San juan and villalba. I love the mall in San juan( plaza de las Americas)
  7. It's been a while since I have talked to most of you. I miss some more than other (ruhon #number1 bAe at heart) <--- just kidding. Although I don't really miss runscape, I do miss the community. AC has grown a lot since I left. I see lots of new names and some other members I wasn't happy to see back but you forgive and forget right.. Anyways I just wanted to say hi to everyone and that I miss the community ^.^
  8. The chicken didn't want to be dinner :/
  9. Words can't describe my thoughts.
  10. His career is on the line.