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  1. That RNG tho!!! Congrats bro..
  2. Welcome to the community, not sure what the reply about mine is about. Hopefully those are not as recent as they appear to be. Anyway, best of luck... hopefully a rank looks into the SV speculation.. @Sp33dy20 @ChainGang815
  3. Welcome back bro, I am quite certain I remember you so you can always update this & put me as a reference.
  4. Solid job guys, btw chicken... love the gif m8
  5. That is epic af... grats on the drop shadow
  6. Wtf is this topic? --> Thanks for the free post count tho!
  7. Looking good boys, during the fight at GDZ it looks like a few people could be paying more attention to the calls/staying on piles. The single to multi action was unreal, they must be retarded
  8. Dude.. Shadow puttin' in work!! Good shit bro...!!!
  9. Looks like it was a solid trip!
  10. Gratz on the new edition to the family =))
  11. How much was the split?
  12. Welcome to the community, try to get to know some people so you have some references.. update as this hopefully changes. GL
  13. Gratz nub.. I need some raids in my life..
  14. That single to multi action though.. loll
  15. Good job... some straight juice from the looks of it.