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  1. .....I can't even get one pet, let alone have the rng to get a cerb, if I had the slayer level to do it ahaha.
  2. gratz bro! that's a gnarley drop & a nice chunk of change for 07
  3. Welcome to the Community..
  4. Hopefully it always will be! Tis one of my favorites
  5. Work on the sets tab, prayer & magic levels... welcome to the community nonetheless =)
  6. Looks like it was a fun trip, gratz on the ags Alex
  7. Welcome to the community mate, nice stats as well!
  8. True, but there is far too much rag in the wildy for no fucking reason! Like the kids bringing rag are just trying to lose as little as possible & bank out on everybody else who actually shows up in gear. It is so easy to make money & if for some reason you can't then just buy gp... Hate all this rag its fucked & it just baffles the living shit out of me......
  9. You have my support!! Best of luck to ya man, quite certain you won't have any issues becoming a full member. I have seen you on multiple pk trips, so just make sure as the others have said already, but I will say it again, make sure to stay active on forums -- keeping up to date on new intros & general clan updates/events are the three most important sections. Also, updating your intro to show a screenshot of your pk sets & before doing that I would advise you to get your Rune Full helms & Rune kites painted to match our current set up.. which is the ogre/goblin btw.