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  1. Bongo's Intro

  2. My intro

    oh damn, nice! welcome dude.
  3. ser pugger intro

  4. we fucked shit up good job boys
  5. Looks like you all feasted, good job guys
  6. 99 Construction done!

    Grats man!
  7. Night out FT PD-Randoms

    How they gonna say AC is dead when we out here slaying kids everyday.. #AC
  8. Ac night out FT Pd/Rot/ruin/Vng/Randoms

    it was fun, we wrecked shit up.
  9. Morning pk trip

    keep up the good work everyone
  10. Yess!! Finally lol

    So yesterday i commented this on Y3llowY0shi's Cerberus Pupp... later that night i was like well fuck it lets try chaos elemental out. Not expecting to get shit...this happens. finally first damn pet haha
  11. wow man, i'm jealous i just got a fucking pet rock LOL grats tho!
  12. Ac Day out FT Evo/dks/Randoms

    Great job everyone! It was fun and bunch of loot included
  13. Anonymous Community Beat Inf 2-1

    Great performance men, proud of all of us as a clan. GOOD SHIT BOYSSS
  14. Not so Lucky at Bandos

    shittt i'll take that hilt then