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  1. that was some fun shit guys only died 1 time this time lol
  2. that shit was fun alot of shit was out to kill today
  3. helll yaaa bank was mad now you can get that 20th elly mate
  4. lmfao!!!!! i am going to rub my dick to this so hard
  5. I Am looking for a good strong vpn with A trusted site that will use bit coins to transfer over for Info for better sites on the deep web. I am getting bored with the kid shit sites I have. If any of you have any info on this plz let me know
  6. nice elly faggot! nah but really tho nice dude that is is some good luck
  7. I am out of mems atm so when i get it ill be back on
  8. fuck man i only ever get whips and dark bows shit like that trade me them keys mate
  9. magic short bow (i) did work on that last kill lol he did not even switch out of hes mystic
  10. fuckkk ya this is how i want to party