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Found 5 results

  1. After asking TR for a 15 vs 15 fight in the wildy they told us DI and DF hit them, we got into a random clan chat and asked TR to join to clear them before fighting. We found DI and DF and started fighting around gap, we barraged and chinned melee piles and started to clear them after 30 minutes in. After smiting a ballista and fighting for around 40 minutes raggers started crashing the war and we decided to call the trip.
  2. We decided to go pking with 20 men starting off at GDZ and around Callisto. After killing a few noobs we found rev at GDZ and started to fight, after a good 30 minutes we started to outnumber them and they ran east and logged out. GF Rev, Thank you for the fight. Good job everyone
  3. Tonight 25 - 30 brave warriors geared up looking to find another team for a scrap. Starting at GDZ we killed a few noobs then moved to Callisto then lava gate clearing up small teams. We returned to GDZ and found WG, as they logged in we barraged and chinned them and cleared them in seconds. Afterwards we found a war and decided to get in barrage and chin gear and gwas them out, good job to everyone who came pking today.
  4. richiee


    1 More level to go eyyyy