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Found 16 results

  1. ac introduction BOOFF

    What is your name or what would you like to be referred to as A: im fine with dede or BOOFF What timezone are you in A:westcoast united states whatever time zone that is, i think pacific western or something Current display name A:BOOFF About yourself A: Im pretty laid back everything i do in this game is for fun, im a waiter full time so i don't have a lot of time to play but on my days off i usually go pretty hard!, right now I kind of want to learn to brid better and pk in deadman mode. Combat Level (Include a picture of your stats) A: Combat level is 104 :/ still working on it...evenly leveled stats though. stats: A: List everyone you know in the clan and how long you have known them for and the nature of your relationship A: I dont know anybody in the clan
  2. Hey Guys, So lets get right into this post, I've been doing some barbarian fishing on my main, and I've always known that you gain str exp barb fishing and a lot of pures use that novelty to gain str exp without hp. So I've been really interested in making a 10hp str pure. But there's one big problem. Getting level 15 strength to do barb fishing WITHOUT getting HP exp.... I've done some research and the only thing that seems manageable is using exp lamps from the genie random event... But thats gonna take SOOOO long if I wan't to get 15 str just from lamps... UGH! Anybody got any ideas? tips? insight into this situation, going to make the account now and just skill on it and hope for the random and get my Agility/fishing up. Anyways thanks for any input on this! #AC
  3. We Are AC

  4. some ven pking with the boys

    went to venenatis and got an easy pk lol
  5. Keys from second day

    https://gyazo.com/714e4356d22d962c0432b33931f59a2e https://gyazo.com/fb67a7e5b8e063c89124968fdb3bf4a5 https://gyazo.com/fce907cfa1f10c62c01d43d5274691ad The gains
  6. So since everyone in AC was doing some dmm tonight and no one was on, i went out to the wilderness with like 6friends and we cleared alot of teams. We cleared Oblivion and they had around 8 people, a few other small teams too was a good night pked a whip and 2vhelms tonight
  7. Hey everyone! First off I need to apologize cuz I haven't posted anything in about a week. This is what happens when your dam professors all give you papers due the same week! Secondly, I'm super excited to say that i've been an AC intro for about 3 weeks now. Being an intro seems to be like a grace period, where you introduce yourself to the clan and you get to join on PK trips and PVM trips, assuming you have some decent communication with the clan and your at least recognizable. So last week was honestly the most fun I have had on DMM in a long time. The clan went pking and we go so bored that clan members started fun fighting each other. Of course this was controlled, but none the less awesome. The same day we ended up going as a huge team to Zammy. Big shout out to sleepyaf for being our tank, you did an amazing job man. Its been a while since I felt belonging to an integral part of the runescape community. Big shout out to Sp33dy20 for making this happen. Looking forward to more DMM experiences with AC. This ultimaltey is what you get when you put together a high risk game mode as well as some great clan mates. Since DMM is now mainly clans, its very hard to get killed and your ultimately able to risk more, if you are part of a clan. Which is ultimately a great perk for being in a clan. Thanks for the great experience guys! Look out of rmore posts this week as I will be updating you with a lot more shit. Peace!!
  8. Deadman Mas - INTRO

    What is your name or what would you liek to be referred to as: Mas What timezone are you in: gmt +1 Current display name: Deadman Mas Past display names: Mweetje About yourself: Some random dutch guy , currently 18 years old, like to play soccer. have been playing rs for like 10 years now. Currently some kind of a '' professional '' Rocket League '' streamer , i do earn my in real life earnings with that. Combat Level (Include a picture of your stats): So i just died skulled so rip my combat i suppose, currently 78 combat, will be 82/83 again tonight. https://gyazo.com/be4891da19c7e7d1df8bf5eefbd49445 List ALL Clans and Teams you have been apart of: None actually . Have you ever applied to the clan before? if so, post link(s): No. Why do you want to join Anonymous Community? (Atleast a paragraphs): I enjoy team/ clan pking and nowadays its kinda hard to pk with 3 man or less... List everyone you know in the clan and how long you have known them for and the nature of your relationship: AC Shredz , just met him , he hooked me up with the forums. Anything else you wish to add: Hope to be intro'd soon =]
  9. 200 rune arrows and rune stuff
  10. If Anyone wants to gain exposure to AC as much as me or even to themselves, RECORD YOU PK CLIPS! because im trying to edit something and i know i already made a post about this , but it didn't have explicit details, whether you're a member or not, if you would like to make an AC Pk video, please record your clips, and keep them and pm me when your ready! this pk video may not be for personal use , it'll be your introduction to AC or a pk video simply for ac, for example if you're an intro, your name is john, the pk intro titles, etc will be AC John, not just john, If You want to do this with me or want to get started, my Requirements are below! No music on clips/raw clips No Combat skills are Required Bank Keys After, if not they clips will still be used (if you were killed) Minimum 7 clips! If you do not have an recording software, i will list some below that are easy to understand and 100% free! https://obsproject.com/ https://www.xsplit.com/ Both of these software's are very simple to work, just keep in mind that you will have to "locally record' (record to your computer) and also have a location for your recordings! Good Luck to all! and if you re going to stand up for your clan to get exposure for you and your clan simply comment that you will do it!
  11. Nobody fights back

    Whenever i got skull hunting or pking and find people they never seem to try and fight back they just try to escape when its pointless for them when im freezing and ranging them out.
  12. My best key,post yours

    srry for bad quality i was to excited to remember to screenshot but a friend in skype when i was screensharing snapchatted it to me.
  13. K98 what are you doing?

    Unfortunately I'm too much of a JEW to do a drop party for AC like Ruhon did because as I just said I'm REINING "AC's Most Jewish Member" award winning 2014 Winter Awards and about to win Spring 2015 award Late night, bored af, k98 asks me for a dh fight, we agreed to fury risk, this happens: So k98 was like let's ags risk, bla bla bla and sp33dy said do it, do it! Ruhon did it and I was surprised bla bla bla so I couldn't resist it, and ... Free ags, just hit k98 up and like sp33dy said, fighting k98 is staking with odds on your side ;D
  14. The guy was 43 hp in rune, i get my dds as he switches back to enchanted robes, 37-25 to da face, not my loot, I wait it out and got that surprise, only thing ive missed is the scales pretty much ahah
  15. Pic Dumb

    So yeh needed some free space YOU CANT COMPETE THE F2P KING