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GoldCoast INTRO

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What is your name or what would you like to be referred to as: Adzzy

What timezone are you in: uhmm, australian... AEST

Current display name: Goldcoast

Past display names: 
About yourself: 
im a 24 year old australian bloke just having a good go at life mate 
                            Played scape for about 11 years on and off, currently seeking a new career irl so grinding out some heavy scape hours

Combat Level (Include a picture of your stats): combat currently 77- rising fkn rapidly


List ALL Clans and Teams you have been apart of: 
holy shit, its been since about 2008 since i have been in any clans, been in... FI, EOP and like 20 other small named clanns, even ran my own clan for a while.
Have you ever applied to the clan before? if so, post link(s): 
Why do you want to join Anonymous Community? (Atleast a paragraph): 
Honestly got introduced by a friend who just happened to pass by as i was dying haha. he offered me protection and brought me into the clan chat, been in for a week now chatting to all members and getting to know a bit about you guys and the clan. 
List everyone you know in the clan and how long you have known them for and the nature of your relationship: 
was introducted to AC by drheartbreak
Anything else you wish to add: 
go watch some of my embarrassing old videos from when i was a young fella playing the scape. 


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Welcome to Anonymous Community! 

Make sure to stay active on forums and get to know people around the community.

Your introduction will be in review for the next few days.

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Do you play seasonal deadmanmode and/or oldschool rs? What are your levels there? I saw some of your offers on Zybez and they were all for "normal dmm", which not many of us play anymore

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Welcome To Ac!

If you have any question, or need any help feel free to shoot me a pm!

Be active on Ts and Forums, and make sure you have fun! 

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