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DMM Season First Day Starting Guide (MELEE)

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Just thought I'd share my plan with you guys for how to get the following stats/items by day 2 (Roughly 8pm Eastern on Sunday):

-65 Attack/Str

-45 Defence

-43+ Prayer

-50 Magic/57 Ranged (DAY 2)

-Iban's Staff (I no longer think this is worth it, it is better off just staying 50 magic for entangles.) 

-Dragon Scimitar

-Dragon Dagger

-Berserker Helmet

-Dragon Defender (or at least there getting defenders based on your RNG)


Day 1 (65 attack/65 strength/45 defence/43+ prayer/13 mage/1 range)

  1. Get 10k, buy melee gear from varrock sword/armour shop. Steal tea for food.
  2. Train 370,841 attack , 379,216 strength = can just dump the rest into magic. 
    1. 40/40 at cows and then move to rock crabs or sand crabs (prefer this as they won't be super PKed early on + you won't have any defense levels and higher monsters, i.e. hill giants, would hit relatively hard. 
      1. At this point you'll be capped with 63 attack, 63 strength, 1 defense, 1 prayer, 1 magic, 1 range
  3. Teleport to lumbridge, use boat to ardy
  4. Complete Fight Arena
  5. Complete Tree Gnome
  6. Complete Waterfall
  7. 25 agility + Complete Grand Tree
  8. Complete Priest in Peril
  9. Get 31 crafting via molten glass/36 woodcutting
  10. Complete Lost City/Get extra dramen staff
  11. Complete Monkey Madness
  12. Complete Romeo and Juliet, Goblin Diplomacy, Ernest the Chicken, Cook's Assistant
  13. Complete Dragon Slayer
    1. Will be at 65/65/40 at this point
  14. Complete Fremmy Trials 
  15. Complete Merlin's Crystal + Holy Grail + Demon Slayer + The Golem + Shadow of the Storm (use xp on defense)
    1. This will give you 65/65/45 and the ability to wear berserker helm
  16. Go ball out at Warrior's Guild and try to get lucky with defender drops!


Day 2 (Mage/Range)

At this point, you will only have about 300k to give towards Range/Mage because we have gone way over the cap on day 1. I would get 50 magic for snares and dump the rest into range, giving you 50 magic and 57 range. 



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1 hour ago, AChilleus said:

Good idea till 43 pray, i wont swap so i should make money somehow!

Could just camp hill giants for the melee xp, would get roughly 43 prayer from burying the big bones. 

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