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D0M1NAT0R's intro

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1. a) Current Display Name:

D0m1nat0r ( for sdmm ) , mein teil ( for 07 )

    b) Previous Display Name(s):

i kentucky i , extendedtank.

2. What timezone are you?

gmt +1.

3. Do you have a mic & do you use it?

yes i do.

4. The following require picture proof: 
    1) Stats and Combat Level 
    2) P2P PK supplies (Refer to this topic for information on the required gear)



6. Do you have Augury and/or Rigour?

i do.



7. Which members of AC are referring you and how long have you known each for?

dmm salt , since last seasonal :D

8. List ALL clans/teams you are currently in or have been a part of?

corruption 2009 - the titans 2012-2013 - ronin 2015-2016 - rot trial member for like some weeks 2017

9. Tell us about yourself:

im a young boy (19 years old) who been playing rs since i was like 9 , im from the netherlands and i just love playing osrs. 

mostly multi pk.

10. Why do you want to join AC?

because i know its one of the best clans in osrs right now , and it just feels safe and good to be with them.

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