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MagnL Clan Application

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Solid DMM pker ranged/melee build. I played every season of dmm including the original, always mainly pked solo but i've tryed out couple of smaller clans before. Ingame name is of course MagnL, i've been lurking in CC and decided to applicate to join your pk trips.

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1. a) Current Display Name:

    b) Previous Display Name(s):


2. What timezone are you?

Central European timezone (UTC +1)

3. Do you have a mic & do you use it?


4. The following require picture proof: 
    1) Stats and Combat Level 
    2) P2P PK supplies (Refer to this topic for information on the required gear)


6. Do you have Augury and/or Rigour?

I join for deadman mode :)

7. Which members of AC are referring you and how long have you known each for?

I took it upon myself to join you since i've seen your pk trips

8. List ALL clans/teams you are currently in or have been a part of?

Not in any, only played in couple of smaller clans during seasonals, cant remember names it was really unserious.

9. Tell us about yourself:

17 years old from Denmark, played every season so far, tryed out pretty much all of the different pk builds.

10. Why do you want to join AC?

Im looking for a serious clan for deadman mode to PK with, tired of solo pking :)

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