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  1. Sup fellas, I have an idea which could be cool. I think i've seen it in stud unit when i was there like 2 years ago. Basically it's our clan killcount hiscores for every boss. It could be a top 10 or a top 5. This could add some more competition to our pvming. If people would think they have high kc on some kind of boss they could show their kc to a ranking member or just upload a kc pic and climb up the hiscore ladder. Also if they would see a boss that no one has a lot of kc on they could start killing it to appear at the top of the hiscore (this would give more action for the lesser killed bosses like the wildy ones. So yeah, that's my idea, tell me what you guys think. Btw how come i'm a guest on the forums?
  2. Did a few raids today and cut my dry streak of ~60 raids with this bad boy. 15.875m split
  3. loool wtf? :DD all that in one hr? rng was on your side
  4. 520kc dry at snake currently... also 2.6k kc total and i don't have a pet or a mutagen. don't feel to motivated to continue with the boss, but probably should run through the bad streak.
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