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  1. VR didnt know it's safer to do a drop party at falador? Say what? Gj bois good to see the purple dots on the minimap
  2. if u need more pics i got plenty lol
  3. Maybe would be a different outcome if you had rigour
  4. U only got 2k total like last year When I move to Netherlands Ima whopp yo ass
  5. After a small break of 265 days, I'm back making some gainz
  6. With only a little over 1m of cash in my bank, I decided to do a medium clue and this happened
  7. How y'all been? Everything cool? I haven't had the time to be in ts lately... Sorry oh an I didn't do the trip to Europe like I said I would, have no money atm cuz I quit my job cuz I had to work while it was raining and shit, yeah it wasn't that great
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