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  1. With only a little over 1m of cash in my bank, I decided to do a medium clue and this happened
  2. Petru


    How y'all been? Everything cool? I haven't had the time to be in ts lately... Sorry oh an I didn't do the trip to Europe like I said I would, have no money atm cuz I quit my job cuz I had to work while it was raining and shit, yeah it wasn't that great
  3. So I'm going to go on a trip around Europe pretty soon if you wanna follow my IG @petruonica or twitter @PetruOSRS for updates, if I'm around you I expect to stay at your place, paying in weed and bitches XD
  4. Just a quick reminder that sp33dy is fucking gay and I'm gonna start and stream csgo then when i get some viewers might transition to osrs im so hyped
  5. this isn't just "an account" but i changed my mind
  6. when you get bored, you get bored simple as that lol yeah well did you see the account it has over 3k hours played, thats about 1.6$/hr if you think about it, I'm pretty sure you make more than that
  7. ? i never died at jad lol, go kill more unskulled voiders bro, that must be a real challange
  8. lel, for real tho PA is the most secure website, and trust me, I pay a good chunck just to have it there + as I said, haven't played for 6 months and have no intentions of doing so
  9. As a lot of you know, I've quit RS for about 6 months now and have no plans of coming back, and yesterday I finally managed to put it up for sale on PA, the best and most secure website to do this kinda thing. Dunno if any of u is interested but i'll put the link just in case. My skype is petru.onica1. Price is negotiable, but use common sense. https://www.playerauctions.com/rs2007/account/o!125951851/
  10. I know zulu and talked to him about that wasn't hateful at all cleared it up not atm
  11. So after 10 years of playing, I finally got bored of the game so Ill be quitting soon. skype: petru.onica1
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