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    How y'all been? Everything cool? I haven't had the time to be in ts lately... Sorry oh an I didn't do the trip to Europe like I said I would, have no money atm cuz I quit my job cuz I had to work while it was raining and shit, yeah it wasn't that great
  2. So I'm going to go on a trip around Europe pretty soon if you wanna follow my IG @petruonica or twitter @PetruOSRS for updates, if I'm around you I expect to stay at your place, paying in weed and bitches XD
  3. that's heaven for u? LUL gz either way
  4. Holy fuck the loots, gz bois sorry i couldnt be there tried to log in too many times now gotta recover email account so i can play smh
  5. Rly cool guess ur on that Xmas Spirit
  6. Just a quick reminder that sp33dy is fucking gay and I'm gonna start and stream csgo then when i get some viewers might transition to osrs im so hyped
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