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  1. Maybe would be a different outcome if you had rigour
  2. U only got 2k total like last year When I move to Netherlands Ima whopp yo ass
  3. After a small break of 265 days, I'm back making some gainz
  4. With only a little over 1m of cash in my bank, I decided to do a medium clue and this happened
  5. How y'all been? Everything cool? I haven't had the time to be in ts lately... Sorry oh an I didn't do the trip to Europe like I said I would, have no money atm cuz I quit my job cuz I had to work while it was raining and shit, yeah it wasn't that great
  6. So I'm going to go on a trip around Europe pretty soon if you wanna follow my IG @petruonica or twitter @PetruOSRS for updates, if I'm around you I expect to stay at your place, paying in weed and bitches XD
  7. that's heaven for u? LUL gz either way
  8. Rly cool guess ur on that Xmas Spirit
  9. Just a quick reminder that sp33dy is fucking gay and I'm gonna start and stream csgo then when i get some viewers might transition to osrs im so hyped
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