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    Looking to join AC for deadman tournament BUT got no referrals SKIP the application process by DONATING

    ~Perks For DeadMan Tournament~

    1. Added in clan chat 
    (Prevents you from being auto removed when the CC is at 100 people) 

    2. Help qualifying into the top 2K TOTAL for Tournament

    3. Regular HIGH tier PVM  GWD - Raids Ect

    4. Safe Swapping with a Ranked Middleman
    (100% Safe Swapping with Cashback Guarantee)

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  1. No, no... <333 hey! All good :))
  2. Nope... i dont play rs anymore 😛
  3. Miss you Brad! Pm me your whatsapp number
  4. Let the spirit of Christmas warm your home with love, joy and peace. Have a blessed Christmas !!!
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