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  1. Hey Purple we are on discord now.
  2. What a great night of pvp. To everyone who missed it, you missed tons of great fun.
  3. AxE


    Nothing really exciting this update.
  4. The pvp armours mainly benefit singles pkers. I think they will have to introduce new rewards to go with the caves to hype it more.
  5. So Sp33dy has a lot of time on his hands that aren't spent with the clan. We all see how it is
  6. GL with it. Seems like an interesting deal.
  7. Nice job on the day out. I just got finished with a long run with work and should be able to be on more during the evening and nights.
  8. What a feast. I hate missing the small scraps like these. Great job!
  9. GG #Canada I had a coworker actually say that she considers Canada part of the US because of so many similarities.
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