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  1. just tell me how much. I got 99 range, 99 def, 93 prayer
  2. Is there someone trusted to do a fire cape for me? i'll pay cash via paypal or gp you choose. Cheers
  3. I'll be idling around TS well I play Player Unknown Battle Grounds or BF1. Hit me up if you want to do some late night pking (my only active hours) . I'm sure ill be rusty as fuck. (my only active hours) Steam : Nates Pro
  4. I logged into runescape for the frist time in awhile and I dc'ed right away
  5. oh God. I know I fucked over ac but I think that kid is mentally fucked and more brain dead then kingthegreat
  6. if he was in ac for 2 years wouldn't I know who he is
  7. was fun to be on RS again. GL with you all in AC
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