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  2. That was Humiliating for UNK and VR running off and i know why they cant fight deep!
  3. AC went out to find any team that we could find. We hopped around everywhere for over an hour and there was not much out. We went back to castle and ran into VR which then bitched out and said they could only mass 9 people...... So after they didn't want the smoke we kept hopping around until we came across Deathrow, We was fighting them at Callisto which we dominated and then at south of glory hill. We restocked up and teled back to GDZ and had a clean fight utilizing our single piles and hitting them barrage clumps. The VR looters came into action with Bullwinkles and gave a good sign that they will end up like JaJa. Closed, Broken and Dead. Goodfight Deathrow
  4. AC decided to go out to the wildereness to find a team to fight and after a hour we ran into PD. From the start they was getting slayed and they kept returning to get 1 banged. SV crashed but retreated back to GDZ so we got a quick bank and teled up to glory hill and baited them It was a quick sweep and looked at the rag they was wearing and decided not to give them the free loot. SV Quick Sweep - Copy.mp4 So AC went back out and ended up clearing a random team. Lots of action for us today and easy loot Clearing Team at Vet'ion - Copy.mp4
  5. Easy Sunday, VR shows up with 2 people at edge to try flame Dont Fucking Bark If You Cant Fucking Bite <-----VR
  6. AC VS ROT We had setup a PVM comp VS ROT After a few days delay we were eager to get to work with the end goal of participation being our strategy ? We had various groups of people all over the game from higher tier PVM building on wealth and groups covering point efficiency spots With AC having a solid PVM arm within the clan we knew we had a good chance of winning, unfortunately ROT were able to pull a lead on us with a few lucky drops. Thanks to everyone that participated throughout the week.
  7. Yeah VR had quite a few more numbers than us but we held our ground, They had the quickest ending when we re-rushed within 20seconds and they quickly teled out. If VR are claiming the win.....why didnt they stay? hmmmm
  8. All i got after they all teled out was
  9. So we decided to go out deep to search for anything juicy. Hopped around castle and found some small teams. Unexpected killed a 1 itemer with 17M cash on him and the loot kept coming after that. After hopping around castle we decided to check out Callisto. AC ended up getting Dragon Claws, AGS and SOTD. After clearing pvmers at Callisto we decided to hit up boneyard in search for a team. In less than 5 minutes of going we saw NL oh wait is that PD now? So we rushed in and gave them a happy slap. Shortly after they retreated to the bank and ended. PD is Dead.mp4 Qodd Claws - Copy.mp4 Qodd gets AGS.mp4https://i.imgur.com/9Pm3N2O.png
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