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  1. Lol they cry at the bank more than they actually go out.
  2. Aye was a good Sunday, Where was Jaja???
  3. So we decided to go to Vet'ion to see what teams was about and ran into Override and cleared them 3 times and after we ran over them we went deep to castle and found a few kids got a few juicy kills then took a break for a hour. We saw Vengeance and a few jaja kids at GDZ we cleared them after a 30min fight and took ending and they tried fighting us again but this time in rag gear so we left them to loot there own bodys. Overall gf
  4. Yeah just look at all them teles and clumps 😂
  5. Yeah they tele so much. Wonder why they didn't want to fight at gdz
  6. AC headed out into the wild and found NL was at glory hill. We rushed them from GDZ instantly into a barrage pile then NL came back and had a scrap. Then DK tried rushing from volcano which failed. Saw DF at 50 ports and carried on fighting till DF gained numbers, would of been good to carry on the fight, until next time.
  7. Lol this is from ages ago bro.
  8. Happy New Year 👍👍👍
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