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  1. Current Rsn: A C T I V E Previous Rsn: Anonymo0us i think Location & Timezone: PST About Yourself: My names John and I enjoy playing chess How many Hrs a day you play: None atm but will be around 8-10 on weekends and 5-8 on weekdays Why do you want to join Anonymous Community: Only clan I've be a part of How did you hear about us?: sp33dy Have you played DMM Before? Yes List all names you had in DMM: Same as my current name Do you know anyone in Anonymous Community,If so whom: Alex sp33dy don't know who is still left
  2. Dam the one time I dont go, but grats on it
  3. Dam thats epic, How many points did you end with btw
  4. Dam thats unlucky but its worth something atleast