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  1. +1 for this i have horded some much stuff to sell, i'd rather sell it for discounted prices to members
  2. When you become a member possibly trips will occur
  3. 900-1.1M man been lucky past 2 days lol
  4. The guth helm made the loot, but unfortunate on the other 2 items
  5. My first one from 8-9 years of my Runescape Journey lmao
  6. Yanill dungeon at peak times isnt that safe, couple times ive ran into wiggled or some other high pker but fire giants is best spot for range
  7. thats a good spot for any level id say i did camp there a lil bit didnt have no trouble inside
  8. Literally skipped worlds to kill drags with D O U G and i get this bad boy
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