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  1. That's deadman right there. @Cedrik Probably not, you can see them boxing to get away.
  2. @Speed Addict We reinforce people to not take cc into account, since people can come in just to get protected. Unfortunately, you're no random. His lack of activity in the community led to this and he's surely going to be taken care of.
  3. Hard to believe. I want to hear @ulsanrs out on this one.
  4. In my opinion, we don't give much credit to the cc. If you hang out on the forums/TeamSpeak (specially TeamSpeak), you'll raise your chance of getting a friend rank on cc.
  5. Looks sick, but current DMM still needs a few fixes.
  6. I think we reset them back to Tutorial Island last 3 times. They should be focusing on training instead of trashtalking.
  7. Skurger! You fine man! Have fun and enjoy your trip
  8. I need 30 healer points for my fighter hat. I'll leach the first 3 waves.
  9. You need to introduce yourself and a Rank will give you it shortly.
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