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  1. After a few failed attempts at doing zulrah with anti posions, I decide to test my luck at barrows, and this is what happens...
  2. Hey clan, Most of you have probably noticed that my activity on forums and in game has decreased dramatically since the end of our reign in DMM. With the transition from DMM to 07 I was 90 combat and I challenged myself to get 110+ on 07 so I could be a relevant leader since no one wants a 90 cb leading pk trips and pvm trips. Once I achieved my goal I started becoming more and more active on 07 with pk trips, wars and pvm trips. I am still not where I use to be because DMM is my passion in runescape. With the upcoming season you can expect full participation from me on both forums and in game. Just like the first DMM AC will by my passion and focus. Weather it be recruiting, leading pk trips, or just being there to help the clan, you can expect all these things from me with the upcoming season. I am expecting big things from AC this time around and we will remain the best clan from day one to the end. AC for life, love you guys! Sticky
  3. Sergent is charging 20m to use his. so might not use him. ill ask spetsa
  4. Hey guys, I had a lot of shit going on and wasn't able to make the top 2k for tourneys. If anyone has an extra tourney acc I can use for the tourneys please let me know, it would be sick! Thank you! Sticky
  5. we were on other people when it happened. shit happens
  6. So, I was casually doing slayer and i get a hell hounds task. lets just say i got "lucky" Rip my luck for the rest of my life
  7. So I made bank on runescape today! what better way to show my joy then to share with the clan! Post your loot below!
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