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  1. WE went on a few pking trips down at the sewers and it was so fun. Thank you to Molly for calling.
  2. sick video good job recording that. we got the next one
  3. I have been away from Runescape for quite some time due to College and needing to focus on what I want to do with my life other than play Runescape... Now college has finished and I am committing my life back to Runescape. I will be joining AC again for the return of the deadman season and cant wait to start meeting the new members and catching up with the old members who may and (hopefully) remember me from my time with AC during the first two deadman seasons. I plan to be very active and idle in Teamspeak every day starting Saturday so if you see me around to be afraid to give me a shout and introduce yourself. Looking forward to my new beginning, - AC Xoroda
  4. cleared so fast wow good job
  5. Dang dude keep up the grind its not the end
  6. I agree I took a 2 month break and then we had a trip this morning was 1000% better than 2 months ago. Good work boys keep it up
  7. very sad I missed this Ill be there for the next one good job in the tourny guys
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