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  1. Holy fuck I see the same thread name every day LOL.. the amount of barragers joining in now..
  2. Thought this post was a whip drop LL
  3. 99 crafting, pretty interesting 99 right there Have fun at blue dragons and gratz on the rebuild
  4. Has got to happen to everybody atleast once in their DMM gameplay life
  5. This is why I warn everybody who thinks xlogging is easy >_>
  6. PM me. We will work thigns out now. In other news.. some more updates on orders I will do a full refund & provide costs for lost stats/items
  7. Good thing about seasons actually. I'm going to be hind when I come back from my trip >_>
  8. Yeah as somebody said earlier, cd didnt really get anything somehow.. they came.back for the loot. I guess they paniced at the fact that more rot was coming Good stat loss for rot though
  9. Shoot me a pm! Do you need all of the quests and some of the skills, etc? We can work out a price if so. Hmu with a PM!
  10. Hmm don't recognize the name, XD probably a quick msb before a trip
  11. Quest complete for @El Chapo! 2 days completion for the DT Package (+ all pre-requisite skills)
  12. Minnesota LOL, proud of ya. GJ for caring for other members
  13. Have fun with your girl Priorities, priorities!
  14. Off topic, but thanks for selling me the mystic set mixtured. You still needa add me on RS >_> RSN: Ulsan GL getting a mule set up
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