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  1. why does this happen -.- no, nevermind i know why, but still... maybe he thought he could get away with it? #opencc, probably just BSed for another clan.. don't rly want to say anymore, but it's far too easy to pk the 200 something purple dots that run around and not know who they are. Sometimes I'd just PK without being in the CC as it's quite unreliable and just hope that whoever I'm attacking will 'magically' be in my TS channel.
  2. Panic kills. deadman mode wasn't supposed to be huntingman mode btw, longbows/long range on the bow/cross bow is the best for pjing and tagging pkers. Any1 @ warriors guild should bring a long bow (courtesy of the guy who told my dumb ass not to bring my iron knives lol (still did it anyway ;O))
  3. pray switches pray switches pray switches pray switches pray switches pray switches! saves lives. also, should attack him back so he takes his smite off to save you some prayer points/risk getting drained.
  4. correct, which leads to the "it's only me doing it" mentality... so what if people stopped killing skillers on the large scale? Then that one person that sees an easy kill will go for it and say, 'look the skillers are still doing what they always do, nothing's changed just because i did it,' and now it's only a group of 50 people killing skillers because 'nothing changes.' Well, i think something big has changed. We need to fix it before it's too late. When is too late? IDK, idk if the skillers have stopped skilling or have quit. idk where all the people went. Are they hanging on the edge of their seat waiting for that magical update that will 'fix all,' or has Deadman left such a bad taste in their mouths that they have just washed their hands of it and forgotten. Thursday, I suppose. Sittin here with about 3m gp worth of stuff, 94 magic, and need to switch back to ancients. Don't want to go into the desert if I'm going to simply get plowed by a clan to change my magicks, which will leave me training my stats up yet again at the now emptier yaks. But I will wait. The stats are ready, the money's ready, I just want to last longer than 2 hours pking before I find myself camping a bank with 400 noted sharks and 30 prayer pots getting swarmed by 40 people, if I do happen to skull -same goes for my teammates.
  5. Thats the problem. Some of us already DO have fun, but the 'keep having fun' part is implying there are many people currently having fun. Just got finished watching an AC streamer who got killed by GL Im Tom, who has Rend backing him who has Rot backing them who has Fools backing them. really trying to avoid the image/perception of the pessimist in this case if i can, just trying to show why some players' hopes may be broken/lose hope if they look at the situation objectively (which has to change) I have barrage now and a high agility and am ready to PK, will probably go on a pking trip with some AC members after the DMM stuff is announced. I don't want to risk dying if I'll just get wasted by level 120s running from lumb to varrock on the rebuild. But again, no disrespect to those who currently enjoy this Deadman mode, I just have turned a blind eye to the ones who truly get angry and drop out when they get killed repeatedly. This is a lawless zone yes, but it is up to the players and developers to make it function. If Jagex was slightly more poetic, I'd say they created this game mode to simulate anarchy and what would happen if the powers that be were overthrown and claimed by those with no responsibility or respect for what is. It's not about people not having fun, it's about people being non existent: neither grieving, raging, having fun, just an emptiness of a shell that serves no purpose to both the oppressors and the oppressed. yeh, i'll wait and remain active until the last beating second of DMM and I'll be with you guys who have been there thru it all, from start to bloody finish (or continuation) yeh, itll be fun, no lie On a brighter note, I'ma take a smoke break now and chill out, almost got merced at the cammy tele spot Phoenix necklace to the rescue. C u all bright and early 2morro. Sry for the pessimism, this post isn't about changing anything, that's not why I made it, I (and hopefully we) will do something about it. This post is observation and evidence of the what is. We CAN change all of this, but the first step is understanding this game is CONSTANTLY changing. Today in Deadman mode is different than Yesterday, and Yesterday is drastically different than a week ago. Adapting and overcoming is the way to go, factoring in updates, players' tendencies, and our own capabilities.
  6. somebuddy shud make this guy an AC member ^^ good shit on the planning and moderation of this thread. and ofc, the follow through
  7. memebers only area in the forums would be beneficial. Teaching clan members of the things that separate the pkers that live and the ones that die would also be another good thing, such as the Champions' guild instance for escaping and the waterfall 1x1 or other 1x1s and instances (which are very important). Tutorials on how to pray switch while drinking ppots, how to shark-brew in the same tick, and to always wear d'hide armor and a phoenix necklace when going somewhere dangerous. There are too many things to explain, but I feel like the ones that know are loosing out by not spilling their secrets to the ones that don't. A "special" spot or place isn't so special anymore when everyone else quits the game and it's shut down for good.
  8. Hey there folks. I've been playing deadman mode from just about the start, and have trained alongside many others to make money and skill, and have also watched many others quit. I still play to this day, but am wondering if there was something I did that has led me to a poor moneymaking/training method. 24/7 pkers get money and training at the same time, which has led me only to 92 combat albeit with barrage. I have seen Camelot bank for the first time in a while today, which contained roughly 3 to 4 people, on WORLD 345. Yes, it was right after a RoT raid and there were many piles on the ground, but can that really even be compared to the dozens and dozens of people that once filled that bank? It's no secret that Deadman numbers are dwindling and currently sit at ~1,800 people throughout all worlds. There was a topic on the Zybez forums in which EOMERI A.K.A. 0starijengi (leader of #fools clan), in response to an ex-DI member's thread stated: 'Rot will dominate U.S.A. timezone and Fools will own Finnish/European timezone, and that's the way it will be until Deadman dies/shuts down' I am currently trying to find the topic to link into the URL, however the OP began taking a lot of hate from the comments (possibly due to bad blood between him and other clans/members. What could Jagex's announcement on Thursday possibly be? How low will Deadman numbers sink before all of the skillers are wiped out and there are no more supplies left? I used to not be in favor of this, not even in the slightest due to all of the time I have put into my Deadman account, but would any of you guys actually prefer a restart, or do you think history will just repeat itself. I am looking forward to hearing everybody's thoughts. I posted a topic a little while back about the war on rot and taking over a few places around Runescape. None of what's currently happened to the game mode leads be to believe that is a pipe dream or 'too hard to accomplish,' but I'm afraid while we're training, the rest of the community will simply quit and supplies will become null. Yew logs have risen from 430-450gp each to 550-570gp each, Sharks have gone up from 750gp each to 1k each, abyssal whips rose again after their crash, so on and so forth. Will this announcement make or break it all? This is actually quite amusing when viewed from an objective perspective as Deadman mode is almost akin to political power struggle and the laws imposed on the different parties involved, i.e. safezones and multicombat to United Nations war-free zones and international waters XD. ALL OF THE PICTURES BELOW ARE TAKEN IN WORLD 345. \ I probably don't have to post this as well, but here's the world list and how many people are in each world. The reason why I snapped this shot is because, I've seen it low before, but never this low despite the time at night.
  9. upping the combat requirements is a good thing, locking down the TS even further would probably be beneficial. I believe there needs to be a point where everyone is at least somewhat familar with the other person A.K.A. no randoms no spies no reasons for people to betray. As for the "too big" part, the CC needs to become closed, or else there should be no restriction on being able to attack others in the CC unless they are in TS so that people who don't contribute can't simply hide in the CC for protection against the clan. Doing so also lowers the overall quality of the players as well if they are under a universal umbrella of protection against the already massive AC feeling like they can slow their in-game progression/become complacent.
  10. make sure you don't start this right after the timer goes down, mass up and wait a little bit. This is such a big deal you might want to keep it on the down-low a little bit and lock your TS/make it private once you've started. Good luck everyone 93 mage atm, would come to help w/ protection but i'll be splashing thru your questing time.
  11. IKR? selling multiple tele tabs, and they actually do that! haha. 8k is the sweetspot.. sell 2k ea and they put up 8k, every single time like go fuck yourself there's about 10 other people trading that would probably take 4 seconds flat to complete the trade
  12. thanks every1! working on some more simple but very useful things/tips, ofc. don't want to make it too barney style where just telling ppl sht they should already know. There's just a few fundamentals that I see are making people's deadman lives a living hell :'( which could be solved so easily. Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and he'll be fed for a lifetime... and also get lots of women ^.^ Ecto Functus Guide and Combat training guide here if any1 needs some basic advice: http://www.rs-ac.com/index.php?/topic/7758-fixed-ultimate-guide-safer-prayer-wo-gilded-altar-and-combat-training-dmm-safezone-map-and-the-war-on-terror-i-mean-rot/&page=4#comment-107890
  13. ty ty !! don't forget to check out the new guide "How to Trade Items Easier" if you need any help with the zybez grand exchange/trading buying or selling http://www.rs-ac.com/index.php?/topic/7865-guide-how-to-trade-items-easier~/#comment-107883
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