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  1. Current Rsn: Next Step, Oh so dced Previous Rsn: N/A Location & Timezone: EST About Yourself: Names Aj been playing dmm with AC since first season How many Hrs a day you play: weekends all the time during the week i play after work Why do you want to join Anonymous Community: Play with you guys all the time already. Along with all the dmm seasons How did you hear about us?: Sp33dy Have you played DMM Before? Every Season List all names you had in DMM: Various AC names along with next step and oh so dced Do you know anyone in Anonymous Community,If so whom: Sp33dy Molly and any other original members. Already in disc with you guys
  2. nice man wish i made it to the trip
  3. nice loot man stay safe, try not to get ko'ed
  4. nice dude bank was made!! are you only ranging it?
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