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  1. So dope, kid was ragging one of there members @ shantay and he got lured xD
  2. Is it for the clan or for the public? And when will it actually be, time / date etc.
  3. https://gyazo.com/18d5ec4904c19840235b02cfdf35eb7f BANG BANG BABY FUCK VEL
  4. I just noticed I'm not a member on here but I've been a member for over 2 weeks :-) just wondering if someone could give my name the green skull on here. thanks boys
  5. Yet agian, I have a friend that will leak information about CD, he said they are massing tomorror in the early morning for American people, on their stream they've been talking shit about AC and I think we should shut them up for the second time. WE SHOULD MASS UP AND RAPE CD yes or no?
  6. Hey I'm close to 70 attack and wondering if anyone would be willing to let me use your whip, I would gbut be you collateral in items, and then extra cash for letting me use it. If you are willing to let me do this PM me (AC Mixtured) or respond to this! Thanks
  7. How many you got? Might consider getting 2 while I have the money
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