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  1. Good ol' boxer motors eh. 2 of my buddies have STI's both of them blew their motors. god damn ringlands!!
  2. You don't need to ask, you just go take from Catherby! lol!
  3. Stancefag here. Bagged Golf R, HRE wheels, custom, Status racing seats, bolt ons, etc. 330AWHP. parting out now to buy a 996 turbo.
  4. Didn't see a topic for this, any "car guys" in this clan? What do you drive, and what sorta stuff are you into? stance? muscle? euro?
  5. I'm SMC, mainly play on my MG1 smurf for shits now a days though.
  6. I bought a cheap "ZALMAN" mechanical. Honestly, considering it was like 50 bucks (CAD) it's well worth it, hasn't let me down so far!
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