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  1. I sold all my gaming accounts (WoW, League, Runescape, DOTA, etc), deleted all old social media and gaming forum accounts in preparation for the military in a month (Ive decided to quit everything so I can focus).  Please do me a favor and delete my forum account thanks: http://www.rs-ac.com/profile/2307-joux/

  2. Hello and welcome to Anonymous! My name is Justin and I am a proud AC member. Looking forward to seeing you both on the forums and on TeamSpeak, and I hope you have a great time here! Remember we are all family and if you ever have any questions or concerns, talk to your blue + red skulls and let them know of your issue, we're here to help each other, that's what clans are for!
  3. Quest now or forever be killed doing them later when RoT has ancients and is camping the fuck out of vital quests.
  4. This lol, no point in depraving your cash stack on such fashionistic garbage.
  5. Have to remind her she faked cancer Cx
  6. Holy fuck you're swaggin out right now. Impressive man
  7. Yo what the fuck, I haven't seen u in ages bro, this is ya boi Joux. Wb to the brothahood
  8. That's pretty sick for first day of tourney nice m8
  9. 246 quest points (Quest cape), All Easy and Medium Diaries, 110 Combat, 1650+ Skill Total. During this period, I also worked 2 part-time jobs and went to University full time.
  10. Captain "DJ" Khaled: Anotha Won
  11. "I got ye a dollar" *rips it away* "Oooooooo u gotta be quicker den dat!"
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