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  1. good job guys! great season guys, get caps for tourney now :)
  2. not gonna lie I was playing this for 6 hours last night while I wait for new season haha. shoula been sleeping but I can't
  3. bwuk taking bitches out the game lmao
  4. fuck off trent no one wants you here
  5. grats good job clicking spec on the ags must be hard as fuck
  6. deadman killed darkscape and seasonal will definitely kill deadman even though its already dead l0l expect worlds to be cut down to 2 or 3 pretty soon the excuse that new years is the reason player count is so low is bullshit. The rest of 07 would have low numbers, but they dont.
  7. you want to alch profitably do something while you alch like kill spir mages.
  8. nooooo jonny come back baby
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