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  1. not gonna lie I was playing this for 6 hours last night while I wait for new season haha. shoula been sleeping but I can't
  2. What is your name or what would you like to be referred to as A: Mike List all the clans you have been apart of (Include why you left/got kicked) A: Foe for a year - quit rs so I quit the clan Damage inc for a year - quit rs so i quit the clan Ac for first couple months of active deadman - quit deadman as no one played, didn't have an 07 acc and I was just done with RS What timezone are you in A: eastern standard Current display name A: Ice BankBoys Past display names A: That hype About yourself A: Hey guys, I am Mike. I live in Ohio and go to University majoring in accounting. I have a part time job as a life guard. I like to swim and play basketball. I am going to go hard on this next season of deadman Why do you want to join Anonymous Community? (Atleast a paragraph) A: Mainly for the next season of deadman and future seasons. I was in AC for the first couple months of deadman up until the mode died and I quit. Never played the other seasons and haven't touched normal deadman since. I see a lot of original deadman members still around so I am really excited to meet back up with them List everyone you know in the clan and how long you have known them for and the nature of your relationship A: El chapo - we grinded spiritual mages/godwars all the time in OG deadman Bwuk Im Ac - trained at skeletons with him for a while + bossed Adamant - scouted a shit ton for him leading haha + bossed Giggs - I remember his name from back then, but no good relationship I am sure there is plenty others, but these are the ones I recognized from forums recently. Anything else you wish to add A: I am just looking to join for the next season/future seasons. I wont be bothering you guys on Teamspeak until after tourney is over as there is no point for me to be there since I am not in the tourney. I will be on right when it ends or waiting in the lobby. I look forward to joining up again! First Intro First App
  3. bwuk taking bitches out the game lmao
  4. fuck off trent no one wants you here
  5. traitors aint welcome go back to LIT
  6. grats good job clicking spec on the ags must be hard as fuck
  7. deadman killed darkscape and seasonal will definitely kill deadman even though its already dead l0l expect worlds to be cut down to 2 or 3 pretty soon the excuse that new years is the reason player count is so low is bullshit. The rest of 07 would have low numbers, but they dont.
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