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  1. just ran into you in game i will be in the discord tomorrow let's grab that 10k my friend
  2. Been gone for years, would love to play with everyone again since DMM is here. I'm solo right now. I have been maining an ironman for the past few years which is why I have not been in the clan. If you guys would let me join you for DMM, that would be dope.
  3. sure thing invis, sorry for not replying guys, mad schoolwork and was waiting for the new season to come out. will be on TS and subbing to come on seasons shortly. And if you don't recall me coming back, it's because I avoided you in teamspeak to avoid getting flamed by you, because there's no reason to act like children in an online game.
  4. that was for a couple of weeks and then i came back, you know this king. that was around march speedy can vouch for me since none of you guys remember the situation edit: my re-joining app well we play this game called Pathfinder which is, well.... D n D
  5. i'm ac punisher i was a member for a very long time back in december and went inactive for the summer, coming back to RS
  6. So, as many of you may know, I quit for the summer about 4 months ago. I rejoined AC around May but my member status was short lived. I work full-time at coca-cola and attend college, as well as play D&D every tuesday night. However, with my summer job coming to an end, it is time to come back for the school year. I have no idea what has changed in the game or the clan this entire summer, so if you guys could fill me in on game changes, updates, and clan changes, that would be awesome. Also, ask me anything about my life! Good to be back, will be on TS late tonight. Edit: I am going to state college to become a high school english teacher, work for coca-cola, have volunteered at inner city schools as a teachers aide, and play dungeons and dragons with all my friends every tuesday. AMA For all who love to say "didnt you leave us for tata?" you can read my re-joining application from months ago. This was all almost half a year ago, needless to say, you guys need to just move on and stop holding grudges
  7. what a fucking mule !! nice kill though
  8. You know there's a private message feature you can use instead of hijacking my topic right? Thanks buddy In regards to land fox post, I was not aware of a thread about a singles team that he made, I will check it out
  9. We also have to realize that having an elite singles unit will attract new members looking to be a part of it, and also pushing current members to start learning to hybrid to strive towards joining the unit P.s. Rot celery uses macro switches
  10. Needs to be 10 seconds out of combat. Without this PVP is dead, and this is a PVP server. The skillers need to stick to regular old school because they don't have the balls for this mode.
  11. You also have to remember that it has a lot less to do with levels than it has to do with skill. I have watched lvl101's outplay lvl120's in hybrid fights. Mandatory practices would be key. Obviously our levels are a big factor, but those will progress prematurely, practicing with eachother and advancing our skill is a big part. Right now my biggest practice is ragging ROT members, but it would be nice to strategize with people who aren't looking to knock off the worlds and fuck up my day.
  12. I'm an intro in AC. Why would I make this topic if I wasn't in the clan
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