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  1. good job little bitch ass, i can get it under 20minutes!!!!
  2. With an open CC on DMM and 07, it does ruin the purpose of clan discussions within the game, random can join and some members feel limited on what they can say in it because some people might snipe, I feel there is a need to make the CC either locked or high ranked, people already know who we are, people know were our website is, it is very simple too join, people arnt stupid.. we have heaps of numbers. Tbh if we had a locked cc, I think more people would want too join because it doesn't seem easy to get into AC. we are becoming bigger, more competitive. #AC #MEXICAN SPEED
  3. speedy, you will see me in ahrims in the next day.
  5. Who else is excited like i am?? i am back in action, lets go AC!! poke me on ts, and poke what skill your going to start going for!!! AC.
  6. You will see me in action, i was a good caller tbh in my old clan.
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