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  1. DeadScape DMM BETA is being released on Saturday 5th November 3PM GMT! Prepare yourselves for the ultimate DMM experience!Hello, and welcome to the DeadScape advertisement thread. Our goal is too bring you the best of OSRS deadman mode content, tweeked to give you an RSPS deadman experience like no other. DeadScape has been in development for a while now. We are going to be holding many polls on our brand new website [Only registered and activated users on rune-server can see links. ] so we can get a very good idea of the community's opinions and ideas. Your vote could impact changes/updates to DeadScape, so come along and get your vote in! Some of the things you can expect from DeadScape DMM Beta: A very unique experience Latest OSRS content Amazing combat system for both PvP and PvM Community driven development The majority of OSRS global mob spawns have been added (dumped from OSRS) Perfectly working skull timer of 20 minutes Zeah (including mobs and dungeons) Almost every skill is fully working (Construction is currently being developed) Key shortcuts to skip dialogues like OSRS (1,2,3,4, space) Stronghold of security with chest rewards A lot of transportation methods (Magic carpet, most rings and necklaces, spirit trees, gnome gliders, xerics talisman, canoes, fairy rings...) Fully working kourend's dungeon with correct spawns Puro puro For more info and pictures click on this link: https://www.rune-server.org/runescape-development/rs2-server/advertise/643359-dmm-deadscape-greatest-dmm-rsps-beta-being-released-5-11-2016-3pm-gmt.html
  2. Hello, Everyone What do you guys think about an Special Elite Whitin the Anonymous Community Named: ACSE ? My idea is as followed: Everyone must Apply a Special Application why they think they belong whitin the "Special Elite" MUST BE ACTIVE A FEW TIMES A WEEK. The minimum Requirements are: 110/115+ Combat level with atleast Full Ahrims. 94 Magic + Desert Treasure is a must 99 Strenght or 99 Range (D bow=Must) 80+ Defence / 70 Prayer U must have a Mic and be Able to Communicate properly And listen To the Sqaud leader. ( no screaming allowed etc.) Pk Trips will be every week At night time. Team will be split up once we are Above 8 People. Remember: Communication is the key to Succes. Must be 16+ aswell.
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