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  1. still think normal green dragons would be better, they are safespottable and not multi
  2. Welcome back brother. please fill out this form: https://www.rs-ac.com/index.php?/topic/18592-ac-deadman-application-form-winter-2018/
  3. yes it will! I dont think revs will be any good money maker but a pk hot spot for sure!
  4. Hello Everyone, The pvm cup will be taking place this weekend. 13th October at 12:00am EST or 13th October at 5:00am UK time. - The event will last 7 DAYS. - You can find all the points for the drops on the following spreadsheet. SO FAR, it seems DKS will be the best way to get a lot of points, followed by demonic gorillas. Doing raids / Saradoming GWD will be really good and efficiant as well if you prefer that! If you have not signed up yet you can do it on our Disocord. Or pm one of the staff for guidance. When the event has started we will provide a code word that everyone must write in their chat box along with the player name who got the drop, item name, date, time & timezone when a screenshot is taken. The drops must be posted in our pvm-cup-drops channel on discord (THIS MUST BE FULL SCREEN) - no chat box screenshots. Example Template for this text: Will osrs Twisted Bow 12/10/2018 21:41 GMT +8 - The specific discord channel will be unlocked at the following date; Start date: 13th October at 12:00am EST or 13th October at 5:00am UK time. And last but not least !! We have 4 prizes to give out. #AC credits to will for writing most of all the info.
  5. Was a good and solid trip lads
  6. Nice boys, keep it going
  7. It was an amazing season for Ac. good job lads