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  1. We started this Sunday with a Sara strike event, having 30+ ops killing everyone that came in our way. When we took a 5 minute break we saw some JAJA kids flaming in Edgeville bank, talking shit but they never showed themselves in the wilderness, in Prime GMT. We then geared up again and hit the caves, finding a random team south and the fun began. After fighting for 15 minutes we started tbing everyone so they couldn't run away from us, it didn't take too long until we cleared all of them. A little later we found DK and immediately got a huge barrage clump dropping half their members, Mid fight AF decided to join in and we fought for another 10 minutes until we decided to tele out. We then Switched to Vet 'ion finding Overide with their biggest pull this month, 6 people and we cleared them instantly, hoping for them to pull more and fight us but they never showed themselves again. then we had a scrap with VR for 30 minutes until we decided to call it a day. Thanks For the Action this Sunda everyon.. Pics:
  2. alsays nice clapping people on the sunday!
  3. Would have won the 2nd CW if we didnt end up being in that stupid Barrage pile 😂
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