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  1. good scrap, solid action for over an hour. 4AM NO PROBLEM
  2. Its time for their pvm’ers to protect them from their pkers.
  3. https://clips.twitch.tv/SuaveSpoopyDogTebowing
  4. So After dmm AC took a small break and massed up today with a planned fight against VR, Knowing it would get crashed we stilll went in hard and Defended. After a couple minutes ROT logged in so we tellied and prepared to fight them in Al kharid. 5 minutes later we tellied up to Al kharid and started fighting VR, just waiting untill ROT logged in, and they brought SR this time, and we started fighting them. We continued fighting them for a at least 30 minutes untill we decided to call it a day. Lots of action for AC today and thanks for the fights VR and ROT
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