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  1. Lol definently I thought it was sketchy aswell but idk, it brings u to the real runescape website with https secured and shit. Theres also a forum post by a mod on the runescape forums about it so..
  2. Before every soccer game in the European Championship Jagex hands out 7 days of membership on their Twitter https://twitter.com/OldSchoolRS example Get dat free bond boys, gl
  3. Looked very fun Did u scout "scorp" Lololol
  4. You quitting seasonal dmm or reg dmm? If you wanna sell some reg dmm I'll buy some high tier items for (ahrims and shit) 1:0.7
  5. Yeah, good call out by Fl tomnr, he splitted everything good and evenly! good shit His app is in voting, so vote for him if youre a member
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