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  1. Nice little run was on early this morning running around the Rev Caves when i spotted some juicy loot haha #Thanks4BGSCT CT SMITED FOR BGS LOL THANKS! This PK i got 27k Rev Ether off a kid LMAO
  2. Was over at the G.E. Pking in world 25 and i smited this.
  3. Lets go boys currently rank 1 smithing on tourney https://gyazo.com/308408b1ccf7f55aff9e8953e7ac77c2
  4. Damn boys just got home from work nice smite!
  5. Roughly 12 kills in between the unique drops not to bad for only 192 KC
  6. SwiftyWind

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    Welcome man hope to see that combat jump! Stay active TS when online!