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  1. sup spastics who missed me xo
  2. maxed cb stats on 07 bro, but probably only DMM at this stage! but ill come on for events
  3. Some of you may remember me - some of you may not. Reguardless, i've been in hiding way too long. I've been inactive for the last 4 months or so due to work commitments and building a drift / track car to pursue my pro career in drifting. My build for my car is coming to an end meaning i'll have A L O T of more free time to do more things such as play Runescape with the lads. In saying this I hope to be on in about a week or so once i fully complete my build. cheers
  4. So some of you may or may not have noticed that I have been AFK/Inactive for 2-3 months (TS name - James) I have been extremely busy and haven't had time to play lately. Working 6am-7pm doing an Auto electrician's apprenticeship whilst also having a girlfriend to maintain. In saying that I have cut down my hours and it's time to jam some hardcore runescape with the lads.
  5. bro ur always needing loans cuz u take it to the fukn arena man. stop staking enjoy the game
  6. I'm just saying, there should be MORE rules outlined, and it shouldn't just be "common sense". It's really easier to have specific rules and guidelines written down for people who get in strike situations for rules not written down, that are "common sense", but are not officially written down rules. As I said food for thought, half an hour of someones time writing official rules will save hours of arguing down the track. Sweet as, was just outlining the fact these rules should be written down not just "common sense" a lot easier in the long run for people looking for clarification
  7. not really, unwritten rules are pretty shit. Need to be officially written down IMO tag?
  8. Was looking for some rules, general guidelines on what not to do. Apparently theirs not very many and most are made up by the spot by mods. https://gyazo.com/ac91b6888925332a47ef91b0a3900506 These are the things outlined on what you can get a strike on. These are the OFFICAL rules posted VIA sp33dy20 I've been seeing a few posts about reports etc, and some of them don't make sense as there's no rules around them, only ones made up by mods as per "on the spot". For example; power abuse, no official rule about it. I feel as though there should be some clear, dead set rules about what you can and cannot do, although these should be explanatory, I feel as though rules shouldn't be made up on the spot and others such as myself be aware on what to avoid to not get into trouble. Just some food for thought as there's no written rules on bsing, etc etc list goes on you get the general idea, just feel as though these "on the spot" rules should be written down and made official so everyone is clear on them, not just grey areas about them.
  9. fuck you're good bro! come on teamspeak some time? decent music too imo
  10. love ur vids KTG keep it up!!!!
  11. hahaha funniest thing i've seen posted in a while
  12. gf max mage, mage meele, ags :'(
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