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  1. casper you playing on your main? Im looking to buy a trow away account for the tourny so i can mule my shit
  2. Anyone playing in the tournament let me know.
  3. Hey anyone intrested in trying to rush monkey madness the first day of seasonal. if interested im making a route and if anyone wants to join send me a pm
  4. Left for a trip 2 weeks ago was in 2k tot but lost my spot looking for account to mess around with train do whatever pm me if you got 1
  5. reminding them there place in life
  6. When you get 83 let me know 250 crushe'd nest and 250 toadflax
  7. Veracs legs // karils top / ahrams // Torage legs Or invest in an alt and buy sharks and dragon bones
  8. Like how there just now thinking about it
  9. http://imgur.com/9H7k8fN karils leatherskirt @@@@@@@@@@
  10. died 14 times bro keep at it
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