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  1. Yes bro FIS, if u want to join choose ur name above
  2. Friendly choose ur name, and change it on ts, welcome brother <3 We will be glad that you joined bro <3
  3. We have formed an own club of people (we're not IS members but we call ourselfs FIS) Friendly IS. Join now, we have some name availble: - Moerat - Zemmel - Faton - Woeshoem - Badre Members who are joined: Leader: Abdul King: Hassan, Mootjevdb, Ahmet. Papa: Seh papa DJ: Mohammed Member: Fariet, Toeran, Fatal, Mahmoet, Yussuf. -{JOIN NOW}-
  4. Dear people, Lets get our total level up on seasonal deadman, and lets win this mothefucking tourny this time! This time it will be ours!!!! Comon #AC LETS GOOOOO
  5. Yeah buddy! i will send a picture from Turkey :DDDDD
  6. As you guys know, I am not very active at all. I have explained that i got 2 jobs now and it is very hectic for me. Well the 17th of august i will go on vaction for 8 days to Turkey with some friends. So the time i have right now i will be active cuz i have a break from work.
  7. +1 I got two jobs today and i am starting tonight :D. I will not be online as much as used to but still, when i have to time then i will chill with u guys !. So just letting you guys know and i know yall going to miss me definitly richiee will cry some days cuz i will not be online but keep ya head up rich!! I love you guys and thanks for the support! #AC
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